2D Animation projects

by 60-350 students
Course Incharge: Dr. Imran Ahmad
School of Computer Science
University of Windsor

Projects (not in any particular order) can be viewed using Macromedia Shockwave Plug-in . Click here to obtain the plug-in.

DISCLAIMER These are student course projects. Views expressed and contents presented in these projects are those of students ONLY. Professor of the course, School of Computer Science and the University of Windsor are not responsible for any of the views or contents in these projects.
These projects were developed as "stand alone" projects and included audio and visual components. However, the audio may not necessarily be present in some of these web presentations.
Fall 2009
Fall 2008
Fall 2007
Fall 2006
Fall 2005
Winter 2004
  • May be ...
Winter 2003
Note: all students worked on the same project idea.
Winter 2002
Fall 2000
Intercession 2000
  • Traditional Vehicles in Bangladesh - by Syed Jamshed Ali
  • Mr. Fail by Weng Pei
  • Downtown Windsor by Jim Marcovecchio
  • Joining a flower game (needs QuickTime player/ plugin)
    by Yu Dong
  • Dillon Consulting Network Tutorial - By Greg Underwood
  • Step Aerobics Animation - By Zinet Abdella
  • Fractal Rendering Application - By Greg Girty
  • Second hand Smoking Effect - By Evob Woldemicheal
  • Civic Type R - By Terrance Sairsingh
  • The University of Windsor - By Melania Bebu
  • Foul Call - By Dawit Wolderufale
  • More, well may be...