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DISCLAIMER These are student course projects. Views expressed and contents presented in these projects are those of students ONLY. Professor of the course, School of Computer Science and the University of Windsor are not responsible for any of the views or contents in these projects. More projects can be found by following the 2D Multimedia Projects link.

Winter 2016

  • 60-450/60-550: Fish of the Ocean by: Maan Joseph, Eric Matthews, Amy Dang and Oluwaseyi Akinlade
  • 60-450/60-550: Pool Game by: Songqiao Sun, Nima Moradian, Denis Alam and Hao Lyu

Winter 2015

  • 60-450: Small Love by: Alexandra Boychyn, Shane Burgess, Philip Keefner and Jessamyn Medler
  • 60-450/60-550: Go Bowling by: Trent Goetheyn, Manju Mukundan, Dhawal Rank, Inderpreet Singh and Kishor Varadharajan

Winter 2014

Winter 2013

  • 60-450: The Brick Escape by: Raphael Bonaventure, Andrew Hlynka, Kristen Johnstone, and Cole Speelman

Winter 2011

Winter 2010

  • 60-592: View of an Office Results of a series of modeling assignments by: Hamid Dezfoulian
  • 60-592: View of an Office Results of a series of modeling assignments by: Amirali Jafarian

Winter 2009

  • 60-592: Pen Fight by: Naimul Khan, Sepideh Seifzadeh, Numanul Subhani and Yuefeng Wang
  • 60-592: Fox & Crow by: Guanghui Luo, Chong Wang and Qin Yang
  • 60-592: The House Results of a series of modeling assignments by: Naimul Khan and Numanul Subhani

Winter 2008

  • 60-450: A Space Romance by: Nikolaos Coutsos, Clinton Dramnitzke and William McMahon
    To be posted soon ...
  • 60-450: As Seen By TV by: Matthew Malysa, William Mattice, Chris Race and Sean Tighe

Fall 2007

Winter 2007

  • 60-450: The Escape! by Jason Krzemien, Leesa Micallef and Ben Bratzel

Winter 2006

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