School of Computer Science
University of Windsor

60-350: Fall 2009 Projects

  • Traditional Vehicles in Bangladesh - by Syed Jamshed Ali
  • Mr. Fail by Weng Pei
  • Downtown Windsor by Jim Marcovecchio
  • Joining a flower game (needs QuickTime player/ plugin)
    by Yu Dong
  • Dillon Consulting Network Tutorial - By Greg Underwood
  • Step Aerobics Animation - By Zinet Abdella
  • Fractal Rendering Application - By Greg Girty
  • Second hand Smoking Effect - By Evob Woldemicheal
  • Civic Type R - By Terrance Sairsingh
  • The University of Windsor - By Melania Bebu
  • Foul Call - By Dawit Wolderufale
  • More, well may be...